RUNNING WITH WOLVES is a Wilderness Adventure Travel blog based in Southern California.  If this is your first time visiting, welcome!  Speak friend and enter.

Traveling + the outdoors are two of my three greatest passions in life (the other is food). The good thing is, they go hand-in-hand together 🙂

I also love road trips and backpacking adventures!  I’ve been slowly but surely adopting a nomadic lifestyle through overlanding.  I hope one day to travel exclusively and work remotely from wherever I may be.

I’ve been a lifelong backpacker and have biked, driven, and hiked everywhere, especially in this beautiful state I call home, California.  I’ve also driven across the U.S., across New Zealand and bike-backpacked through Glacier, Banff and Jasper National Parks.  I’ve been lucky to be exposed to a lot of beautiful places, and I’d love to inspire you to seek out your own adventures.

So on this blog, you’ll find practical stuff like guides/resources, gear reviews, and tips based on my experiences, with some personal stories thrown in 🙂

This blog is a new project for me, so I welcome any feedback that you have!  If there are any questions that you have, I’d love to hear from you.  You can reach me on social media or email at [email protected]

21 random, semi-autobiographical facts

♥ I’m going to date myself by saying I’m NOT a Millennial.  #GenerationXforlife!!!

♥ My Myers-Briggs classification is “INFP,” which puts me in the same personality group as kindred spirits: J.R.R. Tolkien and Anne of Green Gables.

♥ I spent my childhood summers camping with the Sierra Club.  One year, I backpacked three weeks with a burro named “Killer.”

♥ I was once attacked by a nest of yellow jackets when backpacking at age 12.  I was stung 100+ times.  While this sucks, what doesn’t suck is that it happened before the release of My Girl, the movie.  CAUTION SPOILERS: Macauley Culkin dies. How? He gets attacked by a nest of yellow jackets. After I saw the movie, I concluded I was invincible.

♥ I have a phobia of public restrooms and would rather do my business in the woods.

♥ It took me 25 years to beat Zork without the cheat manual.  Sad, but true.

♥ I cannot, and refuse to play any team sport.  My childhood trauma of consistently being 2nd to last picked has scarred me for life.  However, I love watching the NBA and occasionally have delusions of grandeur of being the female version of Woody Harrelson in White Man Can’t Jump.

Lakers FTW!

♥ I am a dog person.

♥ Growing up, I embodied society’s definition of being a typical Asian.  I played violin, piano, saxophone, took honors classes, and was pre-med in college (UCLA).

View from my college apartment in Westwood, CA.

♥ Midway through my junior year, I realized there was no way I wanted to become a doctor. Who was I kidding all these years? 🙁

♥ I spent four months living in Madrid while attending a foreign language school. I received a Diploma of Spanish as a foreign language recognized by the Ministry of Education.  But at this very moment, I can barely manage conversational Spanish. #USEITORLOSEIT!!!

At the Parque del Retiro

♥ Without any applicable background, I somehow talked my way into working for a market research firm after college, just because I needed a job.  I still work in market research to this day.

♥ My favorite foods are bread, bread, bread, bread, and more bread.  I love cheese too.

This boule is as big as my head.

♥ I will try any food at least once.  However, it took me 15 years to discover that I’m allergic to catfish.

♥ I have a serious addiction to donuts.  And ice cream.

♥ I may have a criminal record in Switzerland, as I was arrested for taking the train without paying.  Accidentally, I promise!  After being detained in a windowless white room for over an hour, thankfully, Mademoiselle Visa bailed me out.

♥ I used to have a food blog!  My goal was to eat at every single Michelin-starred restaurant in the world.  Not surprisingly, I went broke and had to abandon that plan.

♥ I love cooking, baking, growing organic vegetables, shopping at farmer’s markets, and making meals from scratch.  Some may classify me as a “foodie,” but I really hate labels.  Labels suck.

♥ I quit my salaried, full benefits Market Research job to become an unpaid stagiaire for Celebrity Chef Ludo Lefebvre.

My picture is in the cookbook!

♥ I’m a serious home brewer.  My BF and I have brewed several types of beers, the latest being a Rye IPA!  Can you guess the inspiration for its name?

My favorite types of beers are duh, IPAs (west coast!) and sours.

Pliny the Elder is a historical figure. Do not make the beer inside this bottle one!

♥ The Call of the Wild is one of my favorite books (hence, this site’s name).