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Be spontaneous! Road trip to 7 Magic Mountains - Running with Wolves
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Be spontaneous! Road trip to 7 Magic Mountains

November 11, 2016
7 magic mountains

Stark desert landscape. Gravel dirt road. Bright neon rocks. Rattlesnake warning. All it took to convince me to go was a bright blue sky and clear sunny day.  Spontaneity.  Spending a weekend solo has unique perks, as you only have yourself to contend with.  No one to argue with over directions.  No one else’s music.  No one else’s opinion.

Maybe I’d even spend $20 on one pull of a nearby slot machine.  Or maybe not.  The choice was up to me.

Traveling solo – though your city, across state lines, to different continents – is the best indulgence you can allow yourself.  Like an addictive drug, the dopamine rush in anticipation of new experiences is intoxicating, and if you have a speck of “wanderlust,” traveling solo will be your lifelong respite from ordinary life.  One doesn’t have to board a plane to travel solo, nor does one have to leave the country.  A simple drive out of your normal sphere of everyday life will do.

So into my car I went.  Driving with little purpose other than looking at a few piles of rocks.  Seven, to be exact.

7 magic mountains
7 magic mountains
7 magic mountains

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